Sort of Space is an organizing services company serving the New York City area. Using the S.O.S. method we create beautiful, functional spaces that let you live, work, and play in a sort of space you’ll love.


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home services

With Sort of Space home services, we create an individualized plan for any storage area in your home, customized to your needs. If it contains stuff, we can tackle it!


Whether you’re moving, preparing for a baby, or dealing with loss, these transitions come with organizational challenges. Let S.O.S. help you through to the Sort of Space you need, now.

S.O.S. Nanny

Managing kid clutter can be overwhelming. S.O.S. Nanny can help you develop productive play spaces that are stimulating and engaging, while also implementing easy to follow systems and strategies to help teach children how to maintain their space and belongings.

FAmily management

Logistical organization is just as crucial as organization in your physical spaces.

The S.O.S. home manual consolidates pertinent family information into an easy to manage, accessible set of digital and physical documents, customized for your family and needs.

s.o.s. d.i.y.

Have the organizing bug but don’t know where to start? Looking to do an overhaul, but on a tight budget? The Sort of Space do-it-yourself plan may be the solution for you.

For a flat rate, we will utilize video calls, photos, and electronic communications to diagnose your problem areas and create a comprehensive, custom do-it-yourself action plan for you to create your own Sort of Space space.

Sort of Space Method

Sort & Simplify

You have too much stuff. We all do! The excess is clogging up your space and as a result, your mind. We will tackle this together by pulling everything out, sorting through, categorizing, and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Outline & Organize

After we’ve decided what is staying in your space, we create a plan for putting it back in a practical and meaningful way. We will outline zones and give everything a designated home.

Storage Solutions

With a plan in place for all your belongings, we implement storage products and solutions to keep your new organization systems easy to maintain and a Sort of Space you’ll love!

Meet the founder

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Jaclyn King

As a nanny, personal assistant, and household manager in Manhattan, I mastered the logistical gymnastics of supporting the busy lives and demanding schedules of families and professionals. Creating solutions to manage it all was essential, and creating and maintaining organizational systems became part of my operational strategy. After working in private residences for years, not only have I honed my multitasking skills, but I am also sensitive to the vulnerability and intimacy required to invite a stranger into your home to touch your stuff. That’s why I love to work with my clients and not just for them.

As a city dweller, I am uniquely aware of the complexities of urban living and delight in solving a challenging storage problem. I founded Sort of Space and created the S.O.S. Method because your space impacts the rest of your life. My life functions better when I’m organized, and I want to bring that feeling to as many people as possible.


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